Deep-frozen products



IQF vegetables and fruits ( pulp, puree and concentrates) produce about 80% of our  turnover. 

In 2010, we sold approximately 34,000 tons of frozen products, with a ratio of fruits to vegetables 3:1.

The majority are Polish products exported to the EU countries, but also Eastern European, as well as the Middle East or South and North America. Our customers are essentially manufacturers of fruit and vegetable products ( yogurts, jams, ready meals, etc.), retail chains or business intermediaries.

We are able to supply any sort of packaging, from  industrial package, all the way through individually customised dealer brands for retail sales.

We have a precautionary policy of customer selection, which means that they are insured against commercial risks. 

Our suppliers are mainly Polish producers with whom we are bound in close business relations and special partnerships.

We buy and sell goods on our own account and risk, we operate thus to increase the fluidity of the market.

We do as well buy semi products and order production of fruit and vegetable mixes.

Our sale is based on monthly or yearly contracts, whereby we provide our customers with a maximum continuity of product availability and quality.




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