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Operating since 1997, Real is one of the largest producers of frozen fruit and vegetables in Europe. All their products are made to tailor the needs of customers around the world providing the highest standards and quickest delivery. Real owns several factories in Poland which produce up to 600 tons of frozen goods per day and the capacity of storage is around 110 000 tons of frozen products. Supply of various premium products: fruits, vegetables, concentrates and mousses, both frozen as well as fresh is ensured for food processors on markets world-wide and guarantees complete traceability of products.
For more information please visit: https://www.realsa.pl/en/

Owolovo is the Polish company that offers juices, mousses and smoothies which are made from a wide range of fruits and vegetables from Polish orchards and plantations.
These healthy products, which stand by convenient and ergonomic packaging, full of vitamins and fibers making the company recognizable on the market. There is no added sugar, no artificial preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors in their products, which only contain natural sugars. All their mousses and smoothies support the requirements for better nutrition and protecting everybody’s immune system, they are also a great option for breakfast, snack or dessert.
For more information please visit: https://owolovo.eu

Legopolar is a company based in Romania with over 20 years of experience and professional knowledge in delivering the best quality of products and an excellent reputation for providing high-quality frozen items and goods. They oversee the distribution of frozen fruit and vegetables to local supermarket chains and provide customers with innovative and tasty new products. Throughout the year customers are assured of top quality products that fully meet customer’s own requirements and specifications. Thanks to close cooperation with producers and suppliers the quality of service is as important as the quality of fruits and vegetables.
For more information please visit : https://legopolar.ro/en/

Aran Group is a global operation in the liquid packing industry. As the only representative of Aran Group in Poland, we offer packaging that is adapted for transport and storage of liquid products. We offer prompt delivery of goods and competitive prices on all products, which are innovative on the market. In our portfolio we have a wide range of bags for the bag-in-box application available in 1 liter to 1500 liter sizes, both aseptic and non-aseptic for the food and non-food industry. The outlining features of their products are:  quality, production technology and wide variety of items which are tailored to customer requirements.
For more information please visit : https://aran.co.il/aran-group/  or contact us on aran@qf.com.pl

Established in 2005, Emerald Cranberry is a Canadian company that deals with cultivation, production and world-wide delivery of cranberries. The company offers the best quality fruit, which are available all year round. All their cranberries are grown in natural environment, which guarantees their quality. The company pays big attention to finding the best varieties of cranberries and controls the whole process at every production stage. Working with local, national, and international processing and distribution partners, Emblem has become the leading producer and processor of cranberries.
For more information please visit: https://emblemecanneberge.com

Formed through a merger between Coop Grand Bleu and Emblem Cranberry in 2021, based in Quebec, Canada. Grand Blue oversees growing, processing, freezing and distributing wild blueberries, both conventional and organic. The blueberries are grown by over 100 families around Canada ensuring to maintain the authentic and “wild” side of blueberries in a sustainable and ecological environment to meet expectations and requirements of their customers. Grand Blue offers top quality products and the professional services to consumers world-wide.
For more information please visit: https://grand-bleu.ca