Our dedicated Golden Garden brand for fruits, veggies and herbs from national and international locations, delicious and coming straight from the garden, meets requirements of all type of healthy eaters, wherever you prefer single or mixed products. The top-quality wide range of products Golden Garden fulfils the demands and expectations and certification of any markets, because we focus on innovation of our brand and full control of the production process.

Golden Garden products are rich in flavor, wildly healthy and easy to prepare. They just taste great and have nutritional value and premium color. Because of full selection of Golden Garden, we can offer different variants on customer specification. You can choose size, shape, calibration, origin, and different species of the products.

We also offer products under your own brand as Private Label, which suits your needs. We can pack into size retail bag including 300g, 400g, 450g, 500g, 1000g or 2500g and provide custom-made packaging for example punnet size.