Quadrum Foods offers a wide range of frozen herbs that redefine the standard of freshness and convenience in cooking. Our premium frozen herbs are meticulously selected at their prime, capturing their natural essence and nutritional value. The result? A burst of flavor that's available year-round, without any compromise on taste or nutrition.

Herbs are renowned for their nutritional attributes. Our frozen herbs maintain their health-enhancing properties, such as antioxidants in basil and the immunity-boosting potential of thyme, infusing your meals with both taste and well-being. Explore the possibilities of our frozen herbs by visiting our website and learn more about these products that are set to redefine culinary experiences.

Our brand offers herbs in meticulously packaged options of both 5kg and 10kg to cater to diverse culinary requirements.




Ideal for enhancing a wide range of dishes, our frozen herbs are the perfect addition to your culinary creations. Herbs play a versatile role in enhancing the flavors of a wide range of dishes, from savory to sweet, making them an essential ingredient in the culinary world.